Run-in-place in existing VR games

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Run in-place VR locomotion for almost any game


PocketStrafe turns your iPhone or Android into an awesome VR controller that you control by running in place! Unlike other run-in-place solutions, PocketStrafe was designed from the beginning to work for most existing games---the game doesn't have to already support run-in-place.

PocketStrafe reduces motion sickness, gives you some exercise, and is tons of fun. We include customizable settings so that everyone has a good experience. Download the iPhone, Android, and Windows apps, put your phone in your pocket, and start moving!

CoolFont is a small team of friends, and we're developing PocketStrafe on our own dime. You can help us improve our locomotion solution by purchasing the app or by donating. Contact us for more info.


Platform independent

Fully compatible with Vive, Rift, or any VR system that runs on Windows.

Customizable experience

Calibrate the app to your own body. Customize the inputs, or just use the defaults.

Works with most PC games

You can choose to send keyboard, generic joystick, or Xbox controller inputs.

Intuitive design

Place the phone in your pocket and start running in place. 

Developer friendly

Exposes multiple input methods, including XInput.  Contact us for ideas.

Easy to get started

Run CoolFontWin and select your PC in the PocketStrafe mobile app to begin.


How it Works



The problem

Gamepads often lead to motion sickness as your virtual character instantly wrenches into motion. Your brain is confused: you aren't walking and yet you're moving forward. But try to run at full speed in your living room and you'll probably injure yourself!

Omni-directional treadmills are fun, but they're bulky, expensive and a little silly. The required gait isn't very natural.


The solution

Running in-place is very similar to running forward. In fact, running in-place has been used for over a century by running coaches and trainers. It's a fun and legitimate form of exercise.

PocketStrafe takes advantage of this fact and uses your iPhone's internal sensors to detect when you're running in-place.

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The magic

Moving through virtual environments using PocketStrafe is an incredible, immersive experience. You feel like you're running because you are running. We found ourselves foregoing traditional methods of VR locomotion, such as teleportation, entirely. PocketStrafe is just more fun.

With PocketStrafe, we've completed the VR-tracking loop. HMDs track your head/neck, controllers track your arms and hands, and PocketStrafe tracks your legs and torso. Finally, virtual freedom!