PocketStrafe updated to v0.3

We just updated PocketStrafe to version 0.3. This is an exciting update because we added a new major function to PocketStrafe: the ability to use 2 iPhones at once, one in each pocket! All you have to do is add another device from CoolFontWin, and select Primary or Secondary from your iPhone. If you have a friend or an extra phone, I urge you to give it a shot, and let us know what you think. From our testing, using 2 phones is a much better experience, because each leg is tracked individually. We want to keep improving the single-phone experience, but it's hard to beat tracking each leg.

Some tips for using 2 phones at once

  1. Turn the smoothness down to prevent extra sliding
  2. If you have a second device enabled in CoolFontWin, you must connect with two devices. If you want to go back to using 1 phone, remove the secondary device in CoolFontWin
  3. The primary phone determines the current mode as well as the run-direction in Joystick Uncoupled mode

The update has some under the hood stuff that is important as well. For one thing, we are only sending packets at 1/4 of the previous rate (30 Hz down from 120 Hz). Looking back on it, the old rate of 120 Hz was comically high, and may have prevented some networks from allowing the packets to flow freely. There is absolutely no degradation of the running experience using 30 Hz packets, but the network hit is reduced greatly. 

Mitchell and Roy