CoolFontWin Updated to v0.2.3

The latest version of CoolFontWin has a few small changes, but I hope they will be welcome ones.

  • The largest change is that the context menu will now open with a larger font if SteamVR or Oculus Home are running. This enables you to use the menu easily from within VR!
  • I also did away with the big, obtrusive windows notifying you of a successful install or update notes, in favor of the default Windows notifications (which users can turn off if desired).
  • Another usability improvement is that we play a nice little sound effect when your Phone successfully sends data to CoolFontWin. If you hear this "bing", it basically means that everything is working as expected!
  • Under the hood, I enabled both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as explicitly set the socket to enable UDP broadcast. This may help with some of the connection issues, but probably won't solve all of them.

In other news, I started working on the Android version of PocketStrafe! I'm about halfway done with the coding. If all goes well, you can excpect a beta version in the next few weeks! We'll let everyone know on reddit etc. when we start the Android beta. You can definitely be in both betas at once!


Mitchell McMillan