CoolFontWin v0.1.2

I just published an update to CoolFontWin! Quit and restart the program to automatically apply the update. If you do not get version, let me know at I addressed 2 things in the update:

1. Networking issues

This version is better at handling a port. Rather than hard-coding a port, I let Windows decide which port to use. Hopefully this helps with some firewall/connection issues. You should get a Windows prompt to allow firewall access after the update. If you don't, try restarting CoolFontWin until you get it. I'm working on a way to make this prompt come up automatically in the future.

Also, even though you may see your PC on iPhone, Windows firewall could still be an issue. A good way to test for firewall issues is to run Keyboard Mode in Notepad. You should see wwwwww etc. when you run in place. If not, it's probably related to firewall settings. On the FAQ page I added a screenshot of what your firewall settings should look like.

If your PC can't receive any input, try closing the iPhone app (double click home button and swipe it up), re-launching it, and re-joining your PC. There seems to be a bug that causes this.

Some people have had issues with Vivecraft. Make sure you change the motion mode in Vivecraft to Free Move. Use Keyboard Mode on PocketStrafe. Finally, most games require their window to be selected/active on desktop. Sometimes we forget this ourselves and wonder why our app isn't working. It could be as simple as clicking on the window!



2. Use an Xbox controller with PocketStrafe!

I added a menu option called "Intercept Xbox controller". If you enable this, CoolFontWin will take input from a connected XInput device and add it to PocketStrafe's input. So for example, you could run in place while using a controller. DolphinVR emulator supports this really nicely, just choose vJoy Device in its controller settings, and configure the keybinds using the Xbox controller. Most games do not support multiple devices controlling a single character, however. 

You have to restart CoolFontWin if you plug a controller in while it's still running or it won't find it.

Log me bro! (Log.txt file)

If you can't get it to work, please send your Log.txt file to You can right-click the CoolFontWin icon and choose View log file to open it. The file is located in My Documents/CoolFontWin/Log.txt. I improved the logging in the latest version of CoolFontWin, so I can now help you better with this file.

To all the beta testers, thanks for trying out our little app; we have a lot of work to do!