PocketStrafe Release

PocketStrafe is officially released on iPhone and Android! You can download it right now in the App Store or Google Play Store for only $0.99. PocketStrafe basically turns your mobile device into a gamepad, and an extremely fun one at that, so we felt that $0.99 was a good starting price. We believe that the app itself is worth more, and will raise the price sometime in 2017. But for now, enjoy the sale! (We will be sending our active beta testers promo codes to download the apps for free).

Here's what PocketStrafe does (along with its PC companion app CoolFontWin).


  • Move through VR games by running in place, reducing motion sickness and increasing immersion.
  • Play games you never thought you could handle because they made you sick.
  • Fully customizable movement tracking algorithm: adjust the sensitivity and smoothness to fit you and your favorite game.
  • Install PocketStrafe on 2 phones and use one in each pocket, it's a much better experience.
  • Connect to your game with a virtual keyboard, joystick, or Xbox controller.
  • Use a physical Xbox controller at the same time as running in place.
  • Support for coupled and decoupled (strafe) locomotion. Coupled locomotion means that you run in the direction that you're looking and is the most common form of locomotion in VR games. Decoupled locomotion means that you can run and look in different directions, meaning you can strafe. Some games, like Windlands, support both.
  • Device support: iOS 8+, Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean), Windows 64-bit

Tested games

These are only games that we have tested ourselves. We have a very limited budget (to say the least), so this is by no means a complete list of working games.

  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR: vXbox coupled + Xbox controller
    • start game using PocketStrafe gamepad buttons
  • Mervils: vXbox coupled + Xbox controller
    • start game using PocketStrafe gamepad buttons
  • Solus Project: vXbox + Xbox controller
  • Windlands: vXbox, vJoy, Keyboard + Vive controllers
  • Altspace VR: vXbox, vJoy, Keyboard + Xbox controller or Vive controllers
  • Fated: vXbox decoupled + Xbox controller
  • The Assembly: Keyboard + Vive controllers
    • Enable "traditional movement" setting in-game
  • ProtonWars: Keyboard + Vive controllers
    • Technically works but the game slows keyboard movement too much
  • DolphinVR emulator: highly customizable, it will work in a variety of ways
  • Vivecraft / vorpX: Keyboard + Vive controllers
    • Set in-game movement setting to "Controller movement"

Our beta testers reported using PocketStrafe in the following games

  • Obduction
  • Second Life with ProjectSansar

Introducing STRF-E: The Semi Transparent Raccoon From England

Pronounced Strafey, he's our new mascot and brand ambassador. 

Mitchell McMillan