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PocketStrafe launch and beyond

We launched PocketStrafe on iPhone and Android in mid-December, and to-date we have a total of 819 installs across both platforms! The last few weeks have been exciting, exhausting, and rewarding as we try to get the word out about our VR locomotion solution, answer questions, fix bugs, and give interviews. (I even got engaged to my girlfriend of 2 years a few weeks ago!) We've fixed many small bugs and crashes since release, but I wanted to lay out our short-term road map for PocketStrafe in this blog post: what we plan to work on in the first weeks of 2017.

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CoolFontWin v0.2: Use Two Devices for Two Legs

Today we updated CoolFontWin to version 0.2. The update contains a few things we've been working hard on for the past few weeks. For one, we now have support for using 2 iPhones at once. This means that you can put a phone in your other pocket and track both legs! This greatly improves the tracking accuracy, and therefore the overall experience of using PocketStrafe.

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