Does PocketStrafe work for every game?

Almost. PocketStrafe works for games that support keyboard or gamepad locomotion. We're also adding support for SteamVR games that use tracked controllers.

Check out our list of (known and tested) supported games.

Does it matter how my phone is placed in my pocket?

Yes, because our algorithm takes the direction of motion into account for a more accurate experience. The correct way to place your phone is upside down with the screen facing toward your leg (rather than outward).

Is PocketStrafe on Android?

Is there a lite version I can try first?

We have a demo version just for the android, mainly because theres so many different phones! Try the Demo and see if it works before you buy. 

Do I have to leave my phone unlocked?

Yes, and PocketStrafe makes sure it doesn't sleep while running in place.

How does PocketStrafe work under the hood?

PocketStrafe uses vJoy, an awesome open source project, to disguise itself as an HID joystick device or Xbox 360 controller. To emulate tracked VR controllers, PocketStrafe injects a dll into the game and redirects function calls necessary to get controller input. Sneaky, sneaky.



App can't see my PC


Allow PocketStrafe through your firewall when prompted (see below). Make sure your PC and phone are connected to the same local area network. Try disconnecting from any VPNs. If you can't get it to work, please use our contact us. We'd love to make our app better.

Game not getting input

  1. Probably related to Windows Firewall. You should have gotten a prompt to allow PocketStrafe PC through the firewall when you installed. Try restarting PocketStrafe PC until you see the prompt, and choose to allow. Otherwise allow CoolFontWin.exe in your firewall settings (see image below).
  2. Some games require the window to be selected and active on Windows desktop. Click on the window before starting.
  3. Some games only accept input from the initial controller. Follow this procedure: Choose a physical Xbox controller as an input source if desired. If/when prompted, press a button on the PocketStrafe app after the game loads (e.g. "Press Start to continue").

My in-game character turns the wrong way

Make sure the phone is in your pocket upside down, with the screen facing your leg. If you're using decoupled mode, it's a little tricky. PocketStrafe will take the initial direction your phone's facing when you join a PC and use that as the "straight ahead" direction. Make sure you're facing forward, and that your phone screen is looking directly at you as you join a PC, and it will work. 

My character doesn't respond well to my movements

  1. Try tighter fitting pants/shorts to make sure the phone is secure in your pocket. You can put a sock or cloth in your pocket to take up extra space.
  2. Try to make sure the phone stays on the top of your thigh without sliding to the side of your leg/pocket. Use a sock or something to keep it there.
  3. Adjust sensitivity/smoothness to your liking in PocketStrafe.

Still not working

Send the Log.txt file to info@coolfont.co (copy/paste or as attachment). We'll try to figure out what's going wrong. (Right click PocketStrafe PC icon, choose View log file. It's located in My Documents/PocketStrafe.) Also, the game just may not support locomotion :(.

If you aren't receiving data, make sure your firewall settings look like this.

If you aren't receiving data, make sure your firewall settings look like this.