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PocketStrafe App – Running In Place Equals Walking In VR

The app in question is called PocketStrafe, and it’s supposed to solve a problem of motion sickness in virtual reality. This app allows you to move around in a VR world by running in place. Sounds odd? Well, it may be a bit odd, but it beats moving with a controller and feels more natural. Now, the sheer fact that you’re moving, even by running in place, is expected to eliminate motion sickness, of course, or at least reduce it.

PocketStrafe convierte nuestro móvil en un andador

La aplicación para móviles de Cool Font que ofrece una nueva forma de locomoción utilizando nuestro terminal, acaba de recibir una nueva actualización que mejora el soporte.

[Interview] Grâce à CoolFont, inutile de pousser les meubles pour se déplacer en VR

La jeune pousse américaine CoolFont est à l’origine de PocketStrafe, une application permettant de se déplacer simplement dans la VR sans besoin de périphérique externe. Séduite par la solution, la rédaction s’est rapprochée de Mitchell McMillan, cofondateur de CoolFont, qui a répondu à nos questions.
The American startup Cool Font is the maker of PocketStrafe, an application that allows simple VR locomotion without an external device. Intrigued by this solution, the editorial team contacted Mitchell McMillan, co-founder of Cool Font, who answered our questions.

Avec l’app PocketStrafe, déplacez-vous dans la VR sans risquer de tout casser

Mais le déplacement au sein d’un environnement virtuelle reste une problématique qui n’a pas encore été totalement résolu. Avec son application PocketStrafe, la startup Coolfont veut y apporter une solution viable.
Moving within a virtual environment remains a problem that has not yet been fully resolved. With its PocketStrafe application, the Cool Font startup wants to provide a viable solution.

PocketStrafe Is A Different Answer To VR Locomotion Issues

[T]he small team at Cool Font has a new app that may open a new door for movement in virtual reality.

PocketStrafe phone app lets you run around in VR

The problem of effective and immersive translation of physical-to-VR locomotion is difficult. [...] PocketStrafe is a little different, though, because it requires the user to run in place. The physical motion requirement could alleviate VR discomfort for a portion of users.

“Pocketstrafe” ist ab sofort für iOS und Android erhältlich

Die Fortbewegung in der Virtual Reality ist ein ungelöstes Problem. Nun haben Hobby-Entwickler eine erstaunlich elegante Lösung entwickelt, bei der das Smartphone die Bewegungen der Beine registriert und in die virtuelle Realität überträgt.
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New World Notes (

How to Run in Real & Second Life While Also in VR

This is pretty impressive -- this is footage of someone running around in Second Life (a recreation of Tatooine, as it happens) while walking around in the real world while wearing Gear VR googles.